Pursuant to provision 23 of the Electronic and Postal Communications Act No. 3 of 2010 and Regulations 34 (1) (i) of the Electronic and Postal Communications (Licencing) Regulations, 2011 all importers, distributers and sellers of electronic communications equipment are required to have the licence from TCRA.

First Schedule, Table 6A, item 9 of the Electronic and Postal Communications (Licencing) Regulations, 2011 requires all users of Satellite Mobile Phones/Devices to have a licence from TCRA. Further, provision 5(1) of the Electronic and Postal Communications (Electronic Communications Equipment Standards) Regulations, 2014 requires that the electronic communications equipment intended for sale in the United Republic shall be subjected to certification and type approval by the Authority. In view of these and in the course of exercising its regulatory functions, TCRA hereby informs the general public as follows:-

  1. Sellers of satellite mobile phones/devices are required to provide at TCRA offices the updated list of their customers along with type/model of device(s) they are possessing; and
  2. Users of satellite mobile phones/devices who do not have a licence from TCRA and those who may have individually bought them abroad or otherwise but could not register them with the Authority, are required to register their devices immediately at TCRA offices.

Both the users and sellers of satellite mobile phones/devices are required to freshly and strictly act on the above not later than Friday, 11th November, 2016.

About TCRA:
The Tanzania Communications Regulatory Authority (TCRA) is a statutory body responsible for regulating the electronic communications and postal sectors in Tanzania. The Authority was established under the Tanzania Communications Regulatory Authority Act No.12 of 2003 to regulate the electronic communications, postal services, and management of the national frequency spectrum in the United Republic of Tanzania.

Issued on 4th November 2016 by:
Director General
Tanzania Communications Regulatory Authority
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