License Application › Application Forms

  1. Form G: OTHER Services Access Codes (OTHERS)
  2. Form F: Mobile Network SIM HEADER (SIM HEADER)
  3. Form E: Signalling Point Codes Assignment (SPC)
  4. Form D: Data network Identification Code (DNIC)
  5. Form C: Mobile Network Identification Code (MNIC)
  6. Form B : Mobile Network Destination Code (MNDC)
  7. Form A : PSTN
  8. Technical Detail Form for Provision of Content Services (FORM: CS)
  9. Application form for Type-approval of Electronic Communication Equipment
  10. Application form for a licence to provide Courier Services
  11. Application form for a licence to provide Communication and Network Services.
  12. Application form for licence to Sell Electronic Communication Equipment
  13. Application form for licence to Distribute Electronic Communication Equipment
  14. Application form for licence to Import Electronic Communication Equipment
  15. Application form for licence to Install and Maintain Electronic Communications Equipment
  16. VSAT Application form
  17. Application form for Aircraft Radio licence
  18. Application form for Amateur Radio Station Licence
  19. Application form for Radio Frequency Spectrum
  20. Application form for Frequency Allocation/Assignment for Network Access and Transmission Links
  21. Application Form for Ship Station Radio Licence
  22. Registration for Use of Mobile Satellite Phone
  23. Apllication for a Licence to provide Content Services by Subscription (Cable Television)
  24. Technical details form for an application to provide contents services
  25. Application for Licence to Provide Communition Network and Services
  26. Application for registration for repair of Electronic Communications Equipment
  27. Landing Rights Application Form